18 June 2013

Promoting health in a different kind of way - more from the Australian Health Promotion Association Conference (Day 2)

Home-cooked food made by neighbours for neighbours


Visit this website: Guilt Free Clothing

To the CEOs of H&M, GAP, and other fashion brands:

As citizens and consumers, we urge you to immediately sign an enforceable Bangladesh fire and building safety agreement, or risk fatal damage to your brand image. The agreement must commit you to pay for routine, independent inspections and safety upgrades for your supplier factories. Your companies and other multinationals profit from cheap labour, and can do much more to reduce the dangers of the places where your products are made....visit website for more.....


The War Against the Poor 
Occupy Wall Street and the Politics of Financial Morality 

By Frances Fox Piven
We’ve been at war for decades now -- not just in Afghanistan or Iraq, but right here at home.  Domestically, it’s been a war against the poor, but if you hadn’t noticed, that’s not surprising. You wouldn’t often have found the casualty figures from this particular conflict in your local newspaper or on the nightly TV news.  Devastating as it’s been, the war against the poor has gone largely unnoticed -- until now.....read more here: http://www.tomdispatch.com/blog/175463/


Investing in Disadvantaged Young Children is an Economically Eļ¬ƒcient Policy

James J. Heckman


For further info on Heckman visit: http://www.heckmanequation.org/

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