22 May 2014


Fund health and medical research through universal, fair & progressive taxation

The ‘No GP Tax in our name’ Campaign asks Australian health and medical researchers and all concerned citizens to take a stand against the Australian Government’s decision to fund medical research through the new GP Tax.
It is unethical to fund medical research with a GP Tax which will discourage people from visiting their GP and detracts from the universal free-at-the point of use nature of Medicare. This new Tax will fall hardest on the most disadvantaged, and those with low incomes or a chronic condition. It will increase demand on over-stretched emergency departments and public hospitals. 
We don’t need a hastily thought out scheme that links a GP tax to research income.
We can afford to be a compassionate country which cares for all its citizens and funds universal free-at the point of use health services.
We are calling on the Australian Government to fund health and medical research through universal, fair and progressive taxation and to delink the funding from the GP tax.
To join us and say ‘No GP Tax in our name,’ sign our petition,  or use #noGPtax on Twitter
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Life just gets harder for marginalised Australians: Salvos research shows the real face of Australian poverty

A nationwide survey of around 2,500 Salvation Army welfare clients reveals a harrowing snapshot of the realities of daily life for those living on the margins - vulnerable, difficult lives which The Salvation Army believes are about to get even harder in light of the recent Federal budget.
Read more here: http://salvos.org.au/about-us/latest-news/media-newsroom/20140521-tsa-rsa-esis-report/ 
To download the full Economic and Social Impact Survey report, please click here.

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