20 February 2014

The Network's 2014 Tasmanian election statement has been sent to political parties - watch this space to see if they respond

These things matter to us....
  • Access to fresh, nutritious and affordable food
  • Freedom from discrimination
  • Recognition and respect for Aboriginal people
  • Being able to read and write, and opportunities for life-long learning
  • Access to quality health services, and particularly those that focus on prevention and early intervention
  • Greater efforts to improve gender-specific health problems
  • Being included in community life
  • Reliable and affordable transport
  • Affordable, appropriate, safe and secure housing
  • Regular and secure work, and adequate income
  • Caring for our environment
  • A fair and equitable society
Because they are important for our health

And they are important for our State:
The benefits to Tasmania from greater efforts to address these social determinants of health are real: improved health and wellbeing, reduced or delayed chronic disease (and therefore pressure on hospital systems), reduced work absenteeism and improved workforce productivity.

Do they matter to you?
The Social Determinants of Health Advocacy Network calls on all candidates in the 2014 Tasmanian election to publicly outline their commitment to acting on the social determinants of health.


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